All Things PC

About Passionately Curious

  • At 30, I realized that I hated the job that I had devoted the previous seven years to. There’s a whole separate post about this, as my story is an ongoing part of this blog, but I started PC as a means to encourage others to live large and do the stuff that they love.
  • These stories are broken down into different categories:
    • Real Time Badass Development. My personal journey towards getting free and doing the things that I want to do.
    • Five Questions. This is a video/text format in which I ask business owners and other badasses the same five questions about where they are and what drove them to go there.
    • The Collective Series. Being a badass means surrounding yourself with fellow badasses. These stories are about groups (three or more people) that have come together to follow their passions and do badass stuff together.
    • Hang Out Sessions. We will schedule paid workshops/hang outs with interviewees. Stay tuned for more info on this!

About Gina

  • I’m a first generation Cuban-American. Working hard and making it work is in my bones.
  • I have some really great friends that do cool stuff, and their stories are all awesome. By telling their stories, I was able to find my own.
  • I’m one of those “my pets are my babies” people. Don’t worry, you’ll see a lot of them.
  • I’m allergic to hamsters.
  • I’ve been a writer of some sort for the majority of my life, and waited until I finally had enough of my shitty day job to try to pursue that (and traveling) as my full time gig.
  • I believe in mutual relationships and symbiotic partnerships. Talking to these people is helping and inspiring me as much as it is helping and inspiring anyone else.
  • Being a victim of circumstance is for chumps, and my entire existence changed when I let that shit go. You should too.